Nov 5, 2011

Mindsets and Transition

Current research indicates that, when our physical body no longer supports conscious awareness in this physical world, some aspects of our personality will continue in a different state of reality.

The term ‘survival of consciousness’ is more appropriate.

These aspects of personality that precondition our transition can be addressed by asking three questions:

1) What is dominant in our lives - our ego (simulated ) self or unquestioning Authentic Self ?

2) What is the defining belief structure that shapes our lives?

3) What emotional attachments do I have that I feel I cannot let go?

By honestly answering these questions, we can begin to discover that it is our thoughts and attachments that will shape our immediate transitional experience.

Transition is also euphemistically referred to as "dying and going to heaven," but words like ‘heaven’, etc. are laden with imagery and emotionally-charged, and also conjuring up images of an opposite ‘hell’ state.

We currently live in a physical condition where Authentic or Fundamental Self is challenged by creaturely human (ego) for supremacy and control.This living tension creates ongoing dialectical conflict between our fundamental (spiritual) and our adopted (physical) nature.

The new world that awaits us upon transition is conditioned by the ego/Self interaction and our personal dominating factors at the time of transition.

In other words, our pre-transitional mindsets are paramount in shaping our transitional process, affecting us for better or for worse, depending on the imagery (beliefs and emotions) that is foremost in our mind when we physically leave this earthly state.

One’s emotional and belief state prior to the moment of our transition will directly affect the integrity of that transitional moment.

What do we need to do?

Simply remain open-minded, non-judgmental , and fully accepting of a new conscious state where all is unconditional love, laden with positive experiences and cosmic celebration.


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