Nov 5, 2011

Discarnate liberation requires love and integrity

Never judge, nor discriminate - choose to assist all spirit people.

Declare vocally your intentions of assistance and personalise your response, using terms like 'someone here' or 'unseen persons gathered' etc.

Explain to these spirit people that although their physical body has died, they are fully alive and conscious in a new non-physical way. This is no dream or illusion.

Explain that for some reason, they have decided not to move on with their lives, having neglected to go into the light.

Assist these spirit people to become aware that by remaining behind in this temporal realm, that they are choosing to 'live in the past' within an outmoded physical mindset.

Make these spirit people aware that any fears they have are 'left-overs' from their previous human condition. In their new state of being there is nothing to fear, and that loving beings are waiting to embrace and support them.

Affirm their inner goodness and affirm their worthiness of a much better life than they are currently experiencing.

Explain to those gathered that there is no such thing as hell or eternal damnation - that was a false view concocted by their creaturely ego mind when it was influenced by certain beliefs.

Explain that no condemnation or punishment awaits them - only lasting unconditional love.

Assist the spirit person to resolve any unfinished business that may be the cause of them remaining in an earthbound condition.

Explain that entering the light is a wonderful freeing experience and that it will bring them personal peace, eternal joy, and loving acceptance. Their 'real' heaven experience awaits them.

Make these spirit people aware that their loved ones are now waiting in the light to meet and greet them.

Gently encourage the discarnate people to move forward with their lives when they feel ready.

Remind our spirit friends that they can return and visit loved ones on earth once they have fully risen.

Remind our spirit friends that there will always be special ties and bonds with loved ones awaiting them in the light. This is such a powerful enticer.

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