Nov 2, 2011

Spirit Liberation and EVP/ITC

I was introduced to the world of spirit through the unplanned ‘mediumship’ of electronic recording devices in the year 2000.

Electronic Voice Phenomena ( known more broadly by the term of Interdimensional Trans Communication) provided my first interaction with ‘unseen realms of discarnate consciousness’ and was the introductory precursor to my earthbound ‘liberation’ work.

I spent the first few years trying to make logical sense of this strange phenomenon, but rationality failed, and I have come to accept that this is one of many ways that unseen conscious intelligences initiate 'interactive pathways into our physical dimension.

For me, EVP is a special gift to be used in service for the betterment of others, and I do not consider it some type of 'scientific phenomenon' that needs tangible scientific proof.

The fact that communication has been initiated by ‘unseen realms’, should be accepted as a ‘universal invitation’ to participate iwithn the interrealm work of ‘transitional assistance and support.

Because one’s 'creaturely ego' ongoingly tries to control, influence and thwart our pivotal connectedness with our Eternal Self, the ‘physical-ethereal’ transition process from this “sensate focused life” can be ‘hijacked’ by a physical organic brain and its desperate longings for immortality

.Guilt, fear, grief, physical dependencies, and various psychoses and neuroses, provide much unnecessary sensate and emotional baggage that often keeps people firmly entrenched and grounded in this physical realm of existence.

Through orchestrated ‘meditative enlightenment processes’ we do begin to understand that our ego is primarily our creaturely-based ‘organic processor’, whereas Authentic Self is our deepest and most fundamental Self which integrates and interprets our temporal experiences from an eternal perspective.

I do actively communicate with earthbound spirits, and with the assistance and support of a team of ‘Healing Risen Interventionists’, fulfil an important role in bringing much needed ‘individual awareness’ and ‘peace of mind’ to ‘trapped’ and ‘disoriented’ physically transitioned people.

I serve as a human-based ‘facilitator’ within a greater vibrationary team of helpers that assists with an individual’s transition into the higher and finer vibrationary realms of life.

My role is important in bringing hope and reassurance to physically transitioned discarnate beings about the certainty of life continuance and also to assist an individual toward a place of deeper trust and eventual acceptance in life’s continuance beyond this physical realm.

I use EVP as a two-way communicative medium to initially discern the presence of discarnate beings, and I then attempt to communicate with them in a dignified, sensitive and compassionate way, by personally mirroring or reflecting their current status and situation.

The rest of my interventionist role involves using various psychotherapeutic tools and methodologies to assist in bringing a personal 'metanoia' or ‘new awareness’ to the transitioned person.

I welcome comments from similar others who are currently ‘dabbling’ in this new area of ‘psycho-ethereal’ release work and I am more than happy to offer various resources that I have found to be ‘dynamically’ useful in this essential work.

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Yours in Service


(Rev) Rob Smith B.Theol 1983

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