Jan 18, 2012

The Dense Realm - Progression - Overshadowing

This physical realm is one of the lowest and slowest of energy dimensions

It can be considered as a “pre-school for souls”, a dense formative place where souls commence their personal development journey by assuming the "illusion" of individual separateness” to maximise their experiential journey.

Spirit is at its lowest formative developmental expression on this material plane and in its very early stages of development.

This dense world is the precursor to ongoing soul progression through higher and finer energy dimensions of reality before the eventual relinking with Source – (see “abiogenesis”).

This physical realm contains all the necessary raw ingredients for a soul’s infantile development meeting Source's need to continually proliferate and further expand its diversity of awareness.

This world offers an introduction to the world of experience. 

Experience simply “is” – the propensity to label it ‘good’ or ‘bad’, as most humans have a tendency to do, is a physically governed ego assessment. People who judge themselves and others are people ‘caught’ up in their mammalian construct. They may be unaware or non-responsive to the promptings of their eternal Self.

Ego cannot help but add its opinion and personal judgement to any experience.

Reincarnation is an imposed ego state, solidified by collective belief. Ego should not be considered the determinator of spiritual progression. Fortunately, spiritual progression occurs in spite of ego. It is just a human response that tries to ‘contain’ a broader universal understanding. The good news is that ‘living out’ this human experience is a ‘one-off’ event. And its time and length is determined by this physical world, not by some divinely executed plan. We will automatically graduate from this physical existence to the next level, without any need to repeat the process. Life on this plane is risky, governed by uncertainty and is not personally predetermined. And, on our transition, we will have to deal with the consequences of all accumulated judgements, beliefs and assumptions’ that we have gathered in this life.

Discarnate energies can and do mentally influence incarnate people through what I term 'overshadowing', and they influence us to the point that we may rationalise by stating that we may have 'been round before!' Certainly if an entity can affect the machinations of a tape recorder; the human mind is not exempt!

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